Product Features

PreparED Learning products are directly informed by faculty feedback and experience, and are designed to address the basic skills gaps that many college students have as they take on their first-year Gen Ed coursework. Knowledge assessments and Open Educational Resources (OER) are embedded within a Gen Ed course’s LMS, to provide students with the guidance they need to self-remediate, and give instructors and staff the data they need to make intervention decisions, as appropriate, to improve the first-year student experience.

For Administrators

Accelerate Outcomes from Your Technology Investments

PreparED gives administrators the tools to make more effective use of the funds directed at basic skills improvement by providing student self-remediation tools that are integrated into the Gen Ed curriculum. The system delivers a comprehensive view of your students’ levels of college-readiness, along with the data needed to help make informed decisions regarding your remediation policies. Built on decades of higher education consulting and ongoing collaboration with faculty, PreparED is designed as an easy-to-use way to support students in their critical, first-year Gen Ed courses—all embedded into the technology you already use.


For Faculty

Collaborate in One Place as a Team for Student Success

Everyone has a stake in student success—and PreparED products were designed with this in mind. PreparED study aids are designed to run autonomously, alongside any course that includes an LMS, without requiring any instructor direction or resource. At the same time, instructors receive reporting on how ready their students are, in terms of the basic skills needed for the course they’re teaching,  and their self-remediation progress. Administrators, faculty and student success staff can then come together to intervene to get students on track with supplemental coursework, office hours, study skills modules, and tutoring, delivered through an easy-to-use program inside the course LMS. PreparED closes the loop with reporting to check student readiness, track progress and recommend further action, as needed.

For Students

Identify Knowledge Gaps and Get Help Faster and Easier

PreparED puts the “student” in “student success.” Designed to work seamlessly inside the LMS being used in their Gen Ed course, students go into their PreparED study aid, and take an initial diagnostic to identify any gaps in the Math or English pre-reqs for the Gen Ed course they’re enrolled in. Once they’ve identified where they need help, PreparED gives them the content they can use to re-learn or recover needed basic skills. The system keeps them engaged by showing them their progress in real-time, and alerting them to new resources or recommendations from the entire support system that’s collaborating to make their college experience a success.

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