Frequently Asked Questions

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Is PreparED Basic Skills ADA compliant?

Yes, all video content is subscripted, and all content should have a minimum number of WCAG-2.0 accessibility defects.

How is the assessment in the system developed and tested?

PreparED relies on Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from our formative assessment partner, New Knowledge United, who develop the diagnostic and knowledge check questions in PreparED. New Knowledge has an extensive network of SMEs who have experience doing assessment; it has worked with many of the largest educational publishers on formative and summative assessment, as well as and content development.

How is PreparED Basic Skills embedded in courses materials?

PreparED resources are available through the Course Navigation (sidebars) in Canvas, Blackboard, D2L or Moodle.

How is this product different than other solutions?

No other product offers basic skills resources, using OER content, that has been designed to be used alongside core course materials, with built-in assessment and instructor/staff analytics.

Can course information be shared so it is not duplicated?

All PreparED content is drawn from OER sources, so there are no restrictions on its use either within, or outside a course.

How are data analytics used to determine student intervention strategies?

Using the Intellus “Instructor-side” tools that PreparED gives Instructors access to, they can view in real-time the progress that all of their students are making in addressing the basic skills gaps they had coming into the core course. The dashboards display the amount of time students have engaged with content, along with their knowledge check scores; these can be used to gauge the need for instructor, or tutor center, intervention. The metrics provided by the system are also used to guide future enhancements to PreparED, by highlighting the content that students find most engaging.

How can students be motivated to use the system?

Instructors should require students to take the diagnostics, and use the system to correct any basic skills gaps that it’s identified for the student. PreparED does not collect summative assessment data, nor does it pass on any of its formative assessment data to the LMS gradebook, however, as the philosophy underlying the design of the system is that formative assessment is there only to help students navigate through the content and control the timing and pace of their self-remediation.

How is content added, changed or deleted?

PreparED Math, English, and Study Skills/Critical Thinking modules come with approximately 600 content assets that have been curated by faculty. These assets can be altered by using the Instructor-side tools available to delete a piece of content, or to add content that they themselves may want to curate.

If a discipline isn’t supported in PreparED Basic Skills, how can it be added?

We are in the process of adding another 12 disciplines, including Criminal Justice, Accounting, Culinary, Counseling, and others, to be available in Fall 2017.

How does faculty select OER content?

Faculty are shown how to use the Instructor-side tools provided, and with keyword search functionality, explore and choose from millions of pieces of OER content that Intellus has indexed, and curate those into their specific PreparED study aid used with the course.

Where did the initial Math, English and Study Skills content come from?

PreparED comes with approximately 600 pre-curated pieces of content, almost all of which are video tutorials that are from 3 to 15 minutes in length. This content was selected by faculty curators from the millions of pieces of available English-language, ADA-compliant OER content on the internet. Instructors using PreaparED may follow suit, and use the Intellus tool to search for additional OER assets that they may want to include in the Basic Skills modules running alongside their course.

How much time does it take for faculty and students to learn the system?

The student experience takes less than 5 minutes to learn; the interface is designed much like a mobile app, where the flow and displays are extremely intuitive. The Instructor-side tools consist of (1) the analytics, and (2) the content components; both of these take approximately 15 minutes to demonstrate to faculty or staff.

Can PreparED Basic Skills be used for dual enrollment?

Yes, provided that the dual enrollment course itself is using an LMS.

Can PreparED Basic Skills help students prior to taking the AccuPlacer or other placement tests?

Yes, the PreparED Boot Camp product is designed to be used prior to placement tests, to enable a student to either re-learn or recover some or all of the basic skills necessary for them to be eligible for placement into a college’s required-for-graduation Math and English courses.

Can PreparED Basic Skills replace current placement tests?

Yes, if the PreparED Boot Camp is “mandated” and a matriculating student is expected to compete it before beginning their coursework.

Why are real-time micro analytics used instead of predictive analytics?

Enterprise-level systems like Civitas and EAB use macro-level historical data to predict which students are more or less at-risk within a given cohort, and tracks data coming out of system-wide applications like the LMS or SIS. While this data is useful for certain policy deliberations, it does not provide the actionable, course-level data that an instructor or the Student Success staff need to provide the extra support that individual students sometimes need. PreparED determines a student’s progress through their basic skills self-remediation, and reports that granular information so steps may be taken to assist that student, if an instructor deems it appropriate.

How does information flow within the system while maintaining student confidentiality rights?

None of the behavioral or assessment data that are compiled as students use PreparED consists of Personally Identifiable Information (PII); PreparED relies on the LMS only for a student name to attach to the index in the records that PreparED stores.

Is there going to be a Spanish language version offered?

We are looking to produce a Spanish language version sometime in 2018.

Where is PreparED currently being used?

PreparED is being piloted at 4 of the 9 colleges within the LA Community College District, and all 4 of the colleges in the Peralta CCD, in the Spring 2017 term. Note that PreparED’s technology platform, on which the student experience is built and the instructor-side tools housed, is in use in many institutions across the US, including Indiana University, ASU, Western Governors, and dozens of other campuses.