PreparED Announces Initial Product Launch

PreparED Announces Initial Product Launch

PreparED:Essentials and PreparED:BootCamp Provide a New Approach to Improving Student Success in Higher Ed

Sacramento, CA: PreparED Learning, a company specializing in developing products that address the knowledge and skills gap for higher education students, has released two products: PreparED:Essentials, and PreparED:BootCamp. The products were created to improve the first-year experience, particularly for underprepared students, and can be expected to increase course completion rates for these students, while helping institutions more effectively use funds allocated for basic skills improvement.

Both products use Open Educational Resources (OER) and formative self-assessment to alert students to any basic skills deficits they have, and provide the means for them to remediate on their own. Both are embedded in an institution’s existing Learning Management System (LMS) to provide real-time analytics and intervention planning for students at risk. PreparED:Essentials launches with foundational resources for Gen Ed courses in eighteen different disciplines (and growing); PreparED:BootCamp provides self-remediation resources for underprepared students prior to enrollment. Both products cover the basic skills concepts across Math, English, Study Skills and Critical Thinking, that are generally expected of college-ready students.

PreparED’s unique approach to product development includes:

  • Engaging content that inspires students and is curated by top instructors for its efficacy.
  • A powerful analytics engine to assess knowledge gaps at the class and individual student level.
  • A collaboration platform that gives administrators, faculty and staff visibility into data that can lead to more timely interventions for at-risk students.
  • Affordability gained through the use of Open Educational Resources (OER).

PreparED Learning was founded in 2016. The instructional design, content curation, formative assessment, and operational best practices of its products were provided by associates of the Collaborative Brain Trust, an educational consulting firm comprised of over two hundred active and retired academics and administrators, headquartered in Sacramento, California. PreparED products use platform technology that provides the hosting and delivery of the student experience, and instructor-side tools, along with the data capture and analytics capabilities built into the system.

For more information, visit our website at, or call us at 800-889-9610.