Introducing PreparED:Essentials

PreparED:Essentials is a collection of digital study aids that are built to be used alongside first-year Gen Ed courses. Their job: giving underprepared college students the foundational support they need to take on college-level coursework. PreparED study aids are designed to be 100% student-directed, with built-in diagnostics guiding students to content that can address their specific basic skills deficits. The PreparED platform features a powerful analytics engine to enable Administrators, Faculty and Student Success staff to identify basic skills gaps at the class and individual level, and make appropriate intervention decisions. PreparED study aids can be embedded within any Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, or D2L environment.

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Study Aids for 18 (and growing) Disciplines


The PreparED:Essentials program provides institutions with a contextualized, basic skills remediation tool to go alongside many first-year Gen Ed courses (18 disciplines, and growing). PreparED study aids are available in Spring 2017 term to accompany: American Government, Anatomy & Physiology, Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Communications, Economics, English, Ethnic Studies, Geography, Macroeconomics, Math, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, and Statistics.

Getting Your Incoming Students Prepared for College-Level Coursework

PreparED:BootCamp version

PreparED:BootCamp gives the incoming student a way to bolster their basic Math, English, Study and Critical Thinking skills, on their own, prior to beginning or resuming their college career. The PreparED:BootCamp program is introduced to new students post-enrollment, but prior to instruction, with the objective of ensuring that they are ready for college-level coursework. It features all of the capabilities of PreparED:Essentials, but minus a specific (Gen Ed) course orientation.

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